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Lakers beat Milwaukee thanks to a dominant Anthony Davis performance.

Lakers beat Milwaukee thanks to a dominant Anthony Davis performance.

The Lakers made sure to take control of their business on Friday, defeating Milwaukee Bucks by 133-129 in what could easily be regarded as their most successful victory of the season. The team was led by a season-high 43-point performance from Anthony Davis, 28 points with 11 assists and 8 rebounds from LeBron James , and 15 points with 11 assists and 7 rebounding of Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles beat Milwaukee on television and began their road trip in a positive manner.

The game began even and even, with slight variations in shooting percentage and score difference between the two teams. After onequarter, the Lakers won 33-31. Davis started the game with a challenge against.

According by slot game online mega888,Giannis Antetokonmpo head-on, scoring 13 points within just nine minutes. The Lakers played at the same speed as the Bucks and applied pressure each time they got a burst of energy, including a lot playing double teaming Giannis and an excellent half-court defense in the beginning of the game.

In the second half, it was the Westbrook performance. He was the spark of the offense, energizing the team. In a game in which LeBron was in need of (and was able to get) 9 assists in order to surpass Magic Johnson for sixth all-time in assisters, Russ led the team with eight assists in the halftime.

After Russ left and took a break at seven minutes, AD returned to the floor but it was the Lakers who appeared to be the title contenders. They ran on a 13-0 streak and sucked the life from the crowd, while Giannis was watching from the bench.

Bucks the head coach as well as Darvin Ham's former coach, Mike Budenholzer, finally introduced Giannis back during the final minutes of the second half. His impact was felt instantly. Giannis ran to the basket and scored a layup, Then Bobby Portis hit a three due to Giannis's assist. Giannis assistance. The Bucks were trailing by at least 14 points but were able to cut their lead down to eight. However the Lakers were exactly where they needed to be, leading to the half-time mark at home and scoring 66 points (the highest the Bucks have surrendered in a half-time period all season).

In the first half The Bucks shot lights up from the deep. They hit five 3-pointers , and gained a lead of 79-77 by the seven minute mark. In desperate need of a response, Lonnie Walkers IV stepped up. He scored five points of his 14 points HTML0'sin the fourth quarter, and also scored an exclamation-point dunk in order to end Milwaukee's momentum , and to keep the Bucks in check.

Four points ahead entering the fourth quarter, the game was still up for to be decided. In the first quarter, James had a second injury to his ankle after the return of Khris Middleton fell on his leg. Since it was one point, James opted to stay in the game, tie his shoe a bit tighter and play on. James kept his focus on the ball while searching for teammates who were open. James only required to score two points in fourth quarter to play Magic and he accomplished that when James helped AD on a 3-pointer within just under nine minutes remaining during the match.

Then Giannis was able to remind everyone the reason he is an MVP player. He stopped an James layup, and an AD attempt at a dunk, and then slammed the ball home to level the score with just six minutes remaining. The final minutes were about as similar as you can get to playoff intensity during regular season.

Both teams traded baskets, while the Lakers depended upon the three of Bron, Russ and AD to be the leaders. It was the Lakers that won the game thanks to crucial baskets from LeBron and a last-minute shot from AD. The game-winning incident of the evening included all three players of them, including Russ running for an unintentional ball, James picking it up and AD scoring an dunk to seal the victory. The Lakers have improved to 9-12 on the season, and racked up an important win over the NBA Finals favorite to start their long journey.