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Lawyer wins RM300,000 damages over insurance firm’s defamatory email

Lawyer wins RM300,000 damages over insurance firm’s defamatory email

The High Court in Penang has granted a lawyer RM300,000 as damages following an employee of the insurance firm was found to have sent an email sent to other party that was defamatory to the person.

Judicial Commissioner Azizan Md Arshad said the plaintiff, S Siva Subramaniam, had proven all the elements required for a lawsuit in the tort of defamation. The words he mentioned in the complaint, which were directed to the plaintiff infamous of him, and had been distributed to third parties.

In reaching his decision, Azizan also dismissed the defenses of justification as well as the limited privilege that were urged by defendants in their efforts to stop the lawsuit. Siva had listed Allianz General Insurance, its chief director of claims Frances Joycelyn Nathan and the former head of the claims division Jayapragash Amblavanar as defendants in the lawsuit,said by welcome bonus online casino malaysia.

Frances who was under Jayapragash's oversight It is believed that she sent the email to Jayapragash's group of lawyers on Dec 15, 2017. The content of the email and suggested that plaintiffs were fraudster, were found to harm the reputation of the plaintiff.

Azizan made the defendants collectively pay Siva general damages, aggravation and exemplary in the amount of RM300,000 along with interest. He also awarded Siva the sum of RM50,000 as expenses. Judge also issued an order preventing the defendants from making further negative comments concerning Siva.

The suit was filed in February 2018 the suit was brought when Siva represented a driver who was on the 1st of November 2017, 2017 awarded damages of around 500 thousand ringgit by a court located in Kulim, Kedah, in a negligence lawsuit.

Allianz as an insurance of the motorist who caused the crash, was held responsible to pay the settlement. M Kartini Devi assisted Siva who appeared in person, and Tan Keng Teck and Harvey Ng Yih Xiang represented the defendants.