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Lionel Messi World Cup Instagram post is most-liked ever

Lionel Messi World Cup Instagram post is most-liked ever

After posting it the footballer has was able to garner greater than 65 million followers The number of likes continues to grow. Argentina defeated France with penalties in the final on Sunday in Qatar which was their only World Cup triumph in 36 years. Messi's Instagram post received million more views than the previous record-breaking one - anchored by a single image of an egg.

Wait, what's that about eggs?

The previous owner of the status of most liked was actually an egg. At first, it was thought to be some sort of protest against celebrities - people were urged to take part in the image with the intention of overthrowing the record-holder Kylie Jenner.

The makeup mogul has previously set the world record with her photo in 2018 in which she announced her new baby girl Stormi and has since garnered more than 18 million views. Jenner became the first woman to reach 300 million users on social media and was also the first woman to achieve this milestone. It was also accomplished by Messi,statement by jfdbet sports betting malaysia.

Okay, but that isn't enough to make sense of the egg

There was plenty of speculation regarding who was behind the #world_record_egg Instagram account, and how it was able to garner thousands of likes in such a short time.

Some claimed that it was a ploy to market from a big company that was able to buy followers. However, British public relations director Chris Godfrey has since declared he was the one who invented the idea alongside two other people and their primary objective was to garner the most likes possible.

While the egg has surpassed Jenner's record of at 57 million, and counting and counting - it was overtaken by a rival who holds many world records in his own name: Lionel Messi.

Following the World Cup final, Guinness World Records released several records broken by the winner in the final, noting Messi beat Germany's Lothar Matthaus in the number of the most World Cup matches played, with 26 games - as well in four other records.

  • 11 - the majority of World Cup Man of the Match awards
  • 19 - the majority of World Cup appearances as captain
  • 5 - Most appearances in World Cup tournaments by a male player.
  • The first person who assisted (a in a) in five distinct World Cups

After the popularity of his latest album posted on Instagram, Messi has yet another record to add to his record collection.