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One day operation, 847 summonses issued

One day operation, 847 summonses issued

A total of 372 summonses were issued in a special New Year’s Eve operation conducted by the traffic police here. City deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Yahaya Othman said the summonses were issued for various offences while 10 motorcycles were seized for illegal modifications.

Inspections were conducted on 619 motorcycles, 171 cars, 32 jeeps and 19 vans at 26 roadblocks around the federal capital. We also carried out checks on 848 road users, he told the media after the operation yesterday.

DCP Yahaya said 12 motorcyclists, aged between 15 and 21, were detained under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for riding dangerously. We also detained four others, aged between 23 and 50, under Section 45 of the same Act for driving under the influence of alcohol, he added.

DCP Yahaya said the objectives of the operation, involving 230 personnel, were to ensure the safety of all road users and smooth traffic flow during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The cooperation given by the public was tremendous, as they understood the duties of the police,” he said.

In Penang, Bernama reported that a total of 475 summonses were issued in a similar operation carried out from 9pm on Saturday. Penang deputy police chief Datuk Fisol Salleh said the operation was focused on crime prevention and the inspection of vehicles, especially motorcycles that had been excessively modified,said by online slot machines for real money.

He said the operation was aimed at ensuring motorcyclists comply with road safety rules and that their vehicles were in good and safe conditions, instead of just making sure that the road tax and driving licence were renewed.

Penang recorded one of the highest rates of fatal accidents, and we are carrying out various efforts to reduce them, especially those involving motorcyclists commuting to and from their workplaces across the island.

We are not doing this to make things difficult for them, he said when met during an inspection at the Penang Bridge motorcycle lane. This year, Penang aims to eradicate street thug activities and illegal racing, and to this end, the police have drawn up several strategies, including carrying out inspections and stricter enforcement on workshops modifying vehicles.