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Phoebe Bridgers on SZA collab: “That record is insane”

Phoebe Bridgers on SZA collab: “That record is insane”

Phoebe Bridgers has shared the background of how her most recent collaboration with SZA resulted. Bridgers performs in the song 'Ghost In The machine The track is from SZA's newly released second album , 'SOS'. Prior to the album's release SZA said the track was "super unusual and a bit bizarre".

in an interview The Hot 97,SZA said: I'm grateful Phoebe showed her support for me on this collaboration. I wasn't sure she'd show up to the studio, but she did. It was amazing and we laughed , and she's hilarious,report by game slot online.

Today, Bridgers has weighed in on the partnership in an interview with Danny Elfman about their Nightmare Before Christmas concerts at Wembley Arena as part of NME'sIn Conversation series. "She was just in touch with me and she sent me an DM," she said. "It was so quick. I was not used to it in the world of pop since vinyl isn't as an issue until a long time later. It's basically, 'Do you would like for your name to make it on this album? It's coming out next week and I really appreciate. I love the time to release."

"Personally I like to sit and think about things for so long that it takes me a long time to create albums." Bridgers continued. "I love being involved. I love looking at another's world from this perspective. I'm definitely a fan of her and that album is amazing."

Bridgers also spoke of her childhood in the era of "The Nightmare Before Christmas. "The one thing that scared me were the insects. It's terrifying," she said. "I was so in love on Sally. It's an amazing, beautiful film. The hand-held camera action is just wild. it was my thoughts it last nightas I was watching it, defying so many of the rules of animation. It's iconic and I'm sure it was a major influence on my love of goth music when I was a child."