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PSG let it slip! Winners & losers as Galtier's men finish second in Group H despite incredible Mbappe

PSG let it slip! Winners & losers as Galtier's men finish second in Group H despite incredible Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe led Paris Saint-Germain to a 2-1 victory over an impressive Juventus team on Wednesday, but they were unhappy in the Group H.

Under immense pressure Juventus director Massimiliano Allegri begged his players to put on an impressive effort on Wednesday despite being exiled out of Champions League knockout stage contention. If they could match or even better Maccabi Haifa's results elsewhere, they will be able to qualify for an appearance in the "beautiful" Europa League.

The Bianconeri were able to respond with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, while guests PSG were unable to contain the Bianconeri at times. Despite some individual brilliantity from Kylian Mbappe in the initial second half Juve found a goal equaliser in the second half through Leonardo Bonucci. Christophe Galtier's team was not united for the first half hour, with a persistent worry about his star-studded, however sometimes too individualistic team which was once more a source of concern,report by slot game online for mobile malaysia.

But, despite the fact that they were aware Benfica was top after following their victory in the match that was played within Group H PSG got a goal after Mbappe scored after putting Nuno Mendes in to finish with ease. It's completed It's a given, right? It's not that fast.

Benfica scored the fivesecond-half goals, with one in stoppage time that amazingly dragged PSG from the top position on away goals that were scoredthroughout this stage. Another goal from PSG in Turin would have been enough to do the trick, however they couldn't get an additional. It was a disappointing result for a club that was desperate to take home this Champions League for the first time.

The Winners

Kylian Mbappe

It's easy to say Mbappe does not merit the trouble in the case of PSG away from gamedays and when there are hints of the behind-the-scenes fights between teammates. However, these arguments fade off when Mbappe is moving past players and scoring stunning goals. or when he's slipping past teammates Nuno Mendes using a defensive splitting passes.

The off-field dramas of Mbappe could be detrimental to morale, but his performance against Juventus showed his elite skills. He has changed matches for PSG repeatedly. There are very few, perhaps none that have his distinctive blend of talents.


What an incredible block by The Brazilian during the 34th minute! With a 1-0 advantage it seemed Juventus youngsters Fabio Miretti was going to take ages to get an open strike inside the box. However, Marquinhos came in from nowhere to stop his shot and win the game.

It wasn't the perfect performance for the centre-back, however he once again proved his worth in less than one week after having to remove the fire in the absence of Troyes and Presnel Kimpembe struggling prior to his first appearance.

There are many who don't meet the standards at PSG. It's a challenge to be a good player when fans become hostile towards the team in such a short time. However, Marquinhos remains a steady presence, and is on the way to achieving legend standing in Paris.

He's gaining momentum and coming up to the World Cup just ahead.

Nuno Mendes:

Nuno Mendes is just 20 years old older, and at times the player plays as if he's 20. He's still learning about what it takes to be a part of one of the best clubs. This is a long process.

However, when he's operating in the moment, no thinking is required, he's a dynamo. Mbappe made a great shot into his path, but his acceleration to make space to shoot past the defense was the most impressive element of his match-winning goal. Too fast for Juan Cuadrado? Wow. It's a thrilling moment for any player or even a wing-back.

The injured man was able to leave the scene following a collision against Marco Verratti, so let's be hopeful that his expulsion was just for safety reasons.

The Losers

Marco Verratti:

It's not often that you witness the elegant Italian player look less than polished, however his style was not as polished on Wednesday. His mistake in the first half caused Marquinhos to block the ball in the final moments and his interpretation of the game during play was not as clear as the norm.

PSG will be unable to be victorious in this Champions League without Verratti at his peak.

Fabian Ruiz:

Still finding his feet within the French capital, having moved from Napoli during the summer. Ruiz was dismissed during the first quarter of the game due to an injury caused by a collision with Adrien Rabiot. He's not getting the improvement the team had hoped for when he joined the season, and is becoming a second-tier player rather than a focal place. The previous side looked very nice, too..

Massimiliano Allegri:

An extremely heartbreaking outcome of the manager even although Juventus made it to it to the Europa League with Maccabi Haifa losing as well. Allegri has Juventus attack like they've not done in the past. He'll be disappointed that he left the club without one point. It is also possible that the result could move his one step further towards a expulsion.

Christophe Galtier:

Why couldn't he convince his players to score more goals like Benfica were awash during the match What was the point? Poor tactical knowledge from the new PSG manager.

The Biggest Takeaway

Positives were evident for PSG However, Galtier's lackluster performance coupled with a dazzling performance from Juventus suggests that a tough round of 16 could be in the near future with their second-place finish from Group H.