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Road deaths so far up 52% over last year

Road deaths so far up 52% over last year

The number of road fatalities that occur in Malaysia This year appears expected to surpass the number of deaths recorded during the pandemic and the figures for January to September recording an increase of 52% over last year's.

Statistics from the police show that there have been 4,378 deaths to date 1 055 more than during the same time last year. There were 4,539 road-related deaths in the year before, and 4634 deaths in 2020,report by online casino malaysia mega888.

The most recent data shows that the severity of injuries suffered has been increasing dramatically, reaching 3,406, or 92.5 percent more than similar period in the previous year. Minor injuries were reported. in the 21930-county area was 220.4 percent more than the previous year.

Motorcycles are the top cause of road fatalities , with 2,916 deaths or 66.6 percent of all kinds of motorists. Other deaths came from vehicles (776) pedestrians (233) and truck drivers (139) vans (95) and 4-wheel-drive vehicles (94) bicycles (79) Other vehicle (29) along with busses (17).

Last year, motorcycle riders reached the record for the deaths per year on roads over the last 21 years, with 68.6 percent of all road users. With the expected increase in road traffic during the period of campaigning during the election, and voters traveling to cast their ballots in their local areas road safety advocates have expressed their concern that death toll in 2022 could surpass the figures for 2019.

If the road deaths for this fourth quarter 2022 are at minimum 1,790, then surely we'll have greater (deaths) that the prior pandemic levels, said a spokesperson of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research. The director general of road transport, Zailani Hashim, said the number of accidents has increased by 147,094.

However there was a huge decrease in road traffic due to various Covid-19 travel restrictions during the past two years. The increase in crashes in 2022 is expected because more people commute and traveling in the coming year." the official told FMT. "We were working to create safe roads for all.

Zailani also stated that JPJ will work closely with the police to ensure that road users adhere to the road rules in the general elections and during the predictable year-end increase in traffic.