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SAR efforts focusing on riverside sector after girl's body found on Dec 20

SAR efforts focusing on riverside sector after girl's body found on Dec 20

The search for the eight people who were killed in the Batang Kali landslide has intensified following the discovery of an unidentified body belonging to a little girl was found near the bottom of the hill the previous Wednesday (Dec 20) night.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department Assistant Director (operations) Hafisham Mohd Noor reported that the body was found 17m deep in a boulder in Sector C (riverside) during the last hours of the Search and Rescue (SAR) .

We previously dug just 12m below the surface in which the body of the girl was discovered. Thanks to the assistance of the Armed Forces, we were capable of locating and extricating this body around 10.49pm after digging another 5m below, he said.

He also expressed concerns for the security of SAR personnel due to his thick and muddy sludge as well as the the constant flow of water in the river's edge. While excavators dug through the soil to locate the girl's body, the water continually poured out of the hole, posing danger to personnel who helped to rescue her,stated by jfdbet online casino malaysia 2022.

As so, safety officials will be stationed in key zones to assess the terrain and make sure it is stable throughout the day, he said. The official added that a siren could be activated if the scenario was deemed to be too risky.

Hafisham said that all of the 25 bodies that have been recovered to date are intact, but this could change following 7th day SAR operations. After seven days human bodies begin to break down quickly, particularly under the immense pressure of the earth over them.

As as a result, it could become more difficult to find other bodies that are that are still intact, because the body begins to break down and the limbs split from the torso he said.

Hulu Selangor district police chief Supt Suffian Abdullah stated that on Wednesday's (Dec 21) SAR operation would continue with a focus on the riverside region, with smaller teams focused on hillview and farmview sections.

He said 106 employees including 11 excavators as well as four sniffer dogs will be stationed, along with teams of sweepers in other areas. He said that the discovery of Tuesday has made SAR staff more confident in getting the victims they have left after three days of ineffective searching. We hope that we'll be able to locate the eight remaining victims' bodies before the end of today, he said.