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Single mum in Taiping dog bite case freed

Single mum in Taiping dog bite case freed

A single mother who was forced to spend the night in a locked-up even after she paid her RM500 bail last year , after being accused of an incident involving a dog bite which was later cleared before the magistrates' court in this town today. Magistrate Adibah Kadir freed Saroja Devi Krishnan, despite the fact that there was no prima facie evidence that was proven through the prosecutor.

Saroja Devi 47, was arrested in accordance with Section 289(1) of the Penal Code last July with the neglect of her dog that caused it to attack and injuring a young girl in the neighborhood,report by online genting casino malaysia.

Her lawyer, P Ravee, said that he was delighted for Saroja Devi, as she'd suffered a lot of pain and mental torture because of the incident. It was also the reason she spent an entire night in the lock-up in a way that was not necessary. I am hoping that this acquittal will allow her to be free of the trauma the family has suffered, he told FMT.

In his argument in September, Ravee argued that the prosecution was unable to establish that the dog was owned by the owner. He added it was discovered with a chain tied around its neck indicated the absence of fault at all. In July of last year, Saroja Devi was forced to spend the night inside the Taiping lock-up, dressed in purple since police officers could not confirm her claim that she made the bail payments, even though she was able to provide the payment receipt.

It was only the prompt intervention of the magistrate Adibah who she described as compassionate and compassionate, allowed she to get released next day. In other circumstances, she could be forced to stay for another night in the prison since it was a Saturday.

The daughter of the victim, Rangitha Gobi returned to court the next day and, luckily, the magistrate was present in her office despite it being an early Saturday. She claimed that Adibah was gracious enough to meet her and expressed her surprise at the fact she was not released. She demanded she be released immediately.