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Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Been, And More Talk About “Reborn Rich” Ahead Of Premiere

Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Been, And More Talk About “Reborn Rich” Ahead Of Premiere

The crew from " Reborn Rich" spent a few minutes between shooting to relax and offer some words to the viewers prior to the show's debut! JTBC's forthcoming show "Reborn Rich" is a fantasy-based drama that stars the voice of Song Joong Ki in the role of Yoon Hyun Woo, who is a faithful secretary to the chaebol family. In the event that he dies, after being caught embezzlement-related by the same family was his loyal servant the most, he is revived as the youngest son of the family Jin Do Joon. plans for the takeover of the business in retribution.

The brand new behind-the-scenes trailer will introduce viewers to the various characters in "Reborn Rich" and features the cast discussing their opinions on the filming process as well as speaking some words to viewers.

Song Joong Ki is first to greet the audience in introducing viewers to the main tale that is "Reborn Rich" and the two characters he'll play. In discussing the debut day on the set, the actor admits that he's always nervous before he begins filming. "To be honest, I'm not one that gets anxious. However, since the script for "Reborn Rich" is so intriguing I'm sure there was some pressure to not cause any harm," he explains, however, he's quick to say that things will get easier as he gets working.

Speaking more about the show in the show, the writer describes the storyline in "Reborn Rich" as refreshing. There are many amazing stories about going to the past, however I'm thinking there's only one script in such a while that made me wonder what the next episode would be portrayed after reading the final scene,report by online slot game malaysia.

In the end, he gives a acknowledgement at the actor Lee Sung Min who portrays Jin Do Joon's grandfatherJin Yang Chul. He says that he was extremely happy to be a part of the film with his character and that filming was like the fulfillment of a wish.

Lee Sung Min, for his part, describes the very first day of filming more difficult than he imagined, but he gives a lot of gratitude to the actors that were there to help him make shooting much easier.

Concerning the drama, he says, "I know that there are numerous dramas that revolve around the chaebol, but our show clearly will feature something that sets it apart from the previous works." He praises the cast and staff for their commitment and promises the viewers a show that is well enough.

The next character is Shin Hyun-Been who portrays Seo Min Young. She is a prosecutor from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors office's Anti-Corruption Investigation Department. She suggests that her character is in a variety of different ways that cover different periods and ages. This is a distinct and fascinating aspect of the show.

Other actors like Yoon Je Moon, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Hyun, Kim Shin Rok, Seo Jae Hee as well as Kim Nam Hee All sit down after filming to discuss their experiences. They share similar stories of how stressful the very first day of filming turned out to be. It was a blessing that they had an incredible cast to ease their fears and make filming more enjoyable.