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STAR disappointed with 2 seats, warns of repercussions

STAR disappointed with 2 seats, warns of repercussions

Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR) has expressed displeasure at having only two seats in the parliamentary elections during the general elections of 15th (GE15).

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan stated that his party backed the Gabungan Rakyat Sbah's (GRS) decision however, he warned that this could result in negative consequences,report by trusted online slot malaysia.

The party will be contesting seats in the Keningau seats as well as the Penampang seats. There is always a possibility of something happening in an election. If people are unhappy and act accordingly, they'll be able to show their displeasure.

I hope that by the time the day of voting comes around and they'll cool. However, there are undercurrents and everything can occur," he told reporters following an announcement by GRS in addition to Sabah Barisan Nasional's candidates here.

Kitingan who will be contesting the Keningau seat has been won by a razor-thin majority of just 45 votes in 2018 has not denied that there could be attempts to undermine his own supporters in opposition to others GRS as well as BN candidates. He added STAR members who questioned GRS as well as BN candidates by declaring themselves independents in the elections would receive disciplinary sanctions.

STAR vice president Kenny Chua is set to run for the Penampang district. In the meantime, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Maximus Ongkili said he was not worried about Muda Candidate Shahrizal Denci contesting against him for the Kota Marudu seat, nor the possibility of having to face the former Bandau Assemblyman Wetrom Bahanda.

I'm not able to say about the Muda candidate. I'm not even sure who the candidate is. Let it be the voters. In the case of Wetrom this is a sign of democratic process. I'm not sure why he's so obsessed with being an double YB (an assemblyman and a member of the parliament). However, for me, we'll fight for a long time.