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Stringent visa rules hampering tourist arrivals, says Nancy

Stringent visa rules hampering tourist arrivals, says Nancy

Arts and tourism Minister Nancy Shukri said stringent visa conditions were preventing visitors from visiting the country. She added that the ministry was initially happy by the rate at which the tourism industry was growing after the borders were reopened, as it had exceeded its goal of attracting 2 million tourists in the initial quarter of 2022.

The results later looked (even even) promising and we decided to increase the amount of visitors we wanted to 4.5 million visits and later to 9.2 million after reviewing she shared with FMT on an interview.

But, Nancy said she realised that the goal could not be achieved due to the strict rules for immigration. We anticipated that the country's economy to be boosted by visitors who could spend RM 26.8 billion however it appears that getting into the country was not an easy task for them, and they decided to go elsewhere,report by jfdbet trusted gambling site 2022.

I'm sure they were unable to get into the country due to problems with visas, claimed. She said that this was an issue that her ministry had to discuss with other relevant agencies.Every industry participant must meet to discuss what should be done to ensure that our economy does not suffer as this can make the lives of many challenging. We do not want Malaysia to be a third or fourth option for travel simply because of visa problems She said.

As the global economy is set towards a recession in the coming calendar year Nancy suggested that tourism can assist in keeping the nation's economy going.

The minister also announced that it had launched two matching grant programmes which could aid in supporting the industry to draw tourists. They can be two of them: the Geran Sepadan Sektor Pelancongan for tourism and tourism-related programs, as well as those who run the Geran Sepadan Sektor Kebudayaan for the cultural activities.