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T. rex skeleton to go on display in Singapore ahead of Hong Kong auction

T. rex skeleton to go on display in Singapore ahead of Hong Kong auction

The fossilised skull of an Tyrannosaurus Rex will be to the public in Singapore in the month of October before it becomes the first specimen offered for sale at an auctions in Asia. The skeleton is dubbed "Shen" also known as "god-like" by Chinese the fossil will be displayed at the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall from October 28 through October 30 as an introduction to Christie's Hong Kong Autumn Auctions, which will run from November 25 until December 3.

According Christie's, value of the body is believed to range from HK$120 million to 200 million HK$ (US$15 million to $25 million). It is scheduled to go through the auction house on November 30. Two T. rex skeletons have previously been auctioned: "Sue", which was purchased to Sotheby's in 1997 for US$8.3 million back in the year 1997 and "Stan" that was offered through Christie's for US$31.8 million in 2020.

Auction of Shen is the first in Asia and has not had an T. Rex displayed in an exhibit in a museum before, Christie's said. Christie's invited guests to sign up to play slots for the preview of auctions in Singapore. However, checks conducted by CNA the previous Tuesday (Oct 17) evening revealed that slots were not available,said by genting online casino malaysia.

In response to an CNA inquiry in response to a CNA query, an Christie's representative confirmed that more slots for bookings would be made available later in the week. Each registration is only for one person only Each viewing session is for 30 minutes.

The agent said that unregistered guests, also known as walk-ins, could be permitted, but the auction house was unable to confirm how long they will have to wait before they can be admitted to the exhibit area. To ensure the safety and security of visitors, they are admitted on an "one guest in one guest out" basis during peak hours the representative said. The line for visitors who want to walk in will begin at the entrance to the shaded courtyard of the Arts House.


She stands at 4.6m and the length 12.2m, Shen weighs in at 1,400kg. The Skeletal remains of the skeleton, which Christie's claims to be in the range of "museum normal" and "54 percent of it of which is bone density" was found within the Hell Creek Formation in Montana in the United States, in 2020.

It's the adult T. Rex, probably male, that could have lived from 6 million to 68 millions years ago, in the Cretaceous period. The bones that have been fossilized are "well-preserved and fairly solid" Christie's claimed and noted that specifics like muscle scars, osteoarthritis, and bite marks are evident on the bones.

Around 79 dinosaur bones were mounted on cast elements that were added to the bones in an "anatomically precise hunter pose". The auction is accompanied by "full rights as well as all the soft assets" related to the skeleton. Additionally, the winner is able to change it a new title in the event they want.

Who is the most likely to win it?

To determine what kind of bidder could become the new proprietor of T. rex, CNA spoke with Mr. Francis Belin, president of Christie's Asia Pacific. Fossils of prehistoric species are very rare and highly sought-after. These fossils have captured the interest of collectors since they were discovered between the early 19th and 19th century. Every species that was discovered brought new interest, he told CNA.

We expect to see interest from cultural institutions, museums and private individuals around the world, of all ages and tastes who have collections across many categories. Mr. Belin stated that the choice of Singapore as the location for the preview is a reflection of Christie's "continued commitment to investing, confidence and faith of Singapore as the central hub in Southeast Asia".

Christie's has witnessed an increase in interest across Southeast Asia for our art and luxury categories, as well as objects with significant historical value, He said. Mr. Belin stated that he anticipates prospective bidders coming of Singapore as well as Southeast Asia to be among the bidders for ownership of the Skeleton.

Buyers who are located in Southeast Asia are increasingly sophisticated and selective in our categories. That's why we've responded by launching an unique and varied Autumn Auction preview in Singapore carefully curated and is designed to shape and enhance their tastes in collecting, he said.

In response to a query about the concerns of palaeontologists who believe that placing rare fossils on auction could result in the specimens ending up in the hands of private collectors, not museums Mr Belin declared: "It is the will of the seller that the skeleton is presented in auction. Christie's is honored to be chosen as the platform. It is our job to ensure an open, fair auction process that is where museums, private individuals and cultural institutions are able to take part simultaneously.

Given Shen the T. Rex's significance and size It is feasible that a potential private purchaser could loan or give the body to a museum and it's likely that it could be purchased by a museum He added. It is interesting to note the fact that just two T. Rex skeletons ever been auctioned off, and both of them have been donated into museums.

Mr. Belin said that the consignor was also investing in research conducted by palaeontologists from academic institutions "in the goal of facilitating access scientific research, advancing knowledge and accessibility". This year's Singapore Preview of Christie's Hong Kong Autumn Auctions will include 20th and 21st-century pieces by Asian as well as Western artists, as well as high-end items like jewelry, watches, and handbags. The auction will be held in the Arts House starting on October 29 to October 30.