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Thailand issues new weather warnings as rain hampers flood recovery

Thailand issues new weather warnings as rain hampers flood recovery

The authorities of Thailand released flash flood alerts to eight provinces in the southern region the previous Monday (Oct 17) in advance of further rain scheduled for this week, with 40% of Thailand's provinces affected by flood waters.

The advisory covers an island resort called Phuket in Thailand, where an extreme flood on Sunday disrupted local transportation and tourism business in a few regions. Navy personnel on the island's major town were seen carrying elderly people on their backs across streets with knee-deep water.

Tropical storms and heavy rain since the beginning of last month have caused flooding in the provinces of Thailand's 77 provinces that have affected homes of 450,000 as per the interior ministry,report by new online casino malaysia.

The floods that have hit the northeastern and central Thailand important farming areas in Thailand - have resulted in 107,200 acres of agricultural land destroyed according to the ministry of agriculture this week.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has instructed the authorities throughout the country to send vehicles and boats to reconnect those affected by floods and offer assistance when needed. The cabinet has put aside 23 billion Baht (US$602.09 millions) budget for aid and flood rehabilitation. In neighboring Malaysia authorities issued rain alerts to Sabah, Sarawak and the federal state of Labuan in response in part to Nesat tropical storm.