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The Good Nurse Review: Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne Shine in Disturbing True-Crime Drama

The Good Nurse Review: Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne Shine in Disturbing True-Crime Drama

In the gruesome opening scenes in the film The Great Nurse We are shown how quickly the world around a person can change from loving to a cruel. From the outside of a hospital the camera catches the patient falling over, and the machines go crazy and emitting warning signals. First inside the room Charlie Cullen ( Eddie Redmayne) who is a nurse who arrives at the patient's side and calls for help as the patient's life is in danger. As nurses and doctors arrive to help, Charlie slowly moves to the rear of the room, watching the situation.

The smile he displays of kindness disappears slowly away from his face, and Charlie adopts a more reckless face, looking at the destruction he's caused. In a position that requires the worker to be a good person, Charlie has realized just how much harm he's able to create and enjoys this kind of destruction.

After a few years, Charlie moves to a new hospital, where he encounters Amy Loughren ( Jessica Chastain) who is an unmarried mother who realizes she requires a heart transplant but she's got just a few months left before she is able to get health insurance in her position. Amy is an excellent doctor who battles the bureaucracy in her hospital, helping patients in need, and is compassionate even when it may put her life in danger, such as she transfers the patient's bed herself, while trying to breath.

Charlie as well as Amy quickly form an uneasy friendship and Charlie accepting to assist Amy until she is able to obtain insurance coverage. When patients begin dying, the information starts to point to Charlie and Amy. When a pair of policemen ( Noah Emmerich and Nnamdi Asomugha) are beginning to show up and asking questions. Amy is determined to assist her patients, no matter the cost. The film is directed by Tobias Lindholm, the co-writer of Another Round and director of A War, and written in 1917 with Last Night in Soho co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns. The Good Nurse is an terrifying and intense drama that is terrifying even in its simpleness.

Cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes( Manchester by the Sea, I Know This Much is True) is a master at directing create a film that is lit with a style that is uncomfortable even in positive moments. The disturbing score composed from Biosphereleaves viewers viewers in a constant feeling of anxiety even when there's nothing to worry about,statement by online sports betting.

Wilson-Cairns' screenplay is based on a real story, is basically an argument between wills dealing with the question of who knows what , and the time. When we begin to realize the suffering Charlie could cause, The Good Nurse is about how one who has an affable face can commit atrocities. Wilson-Cairns shows the facility through the eyes of Amy and showing us compassion for the patients who are there and who put their lives in her care. We can see how simple acts of compassion can be a huge blessing to someone who is going through the most stressful time in their lives.

And the way that a little bit of care can make a difference. Before we even realize what Charlie is capable of it is clear the differences between Charlie and Amy's ways of performing their duties and how the smallest gesture of kindness can be so important.

The Good Nurse is a film that requires two outstanding performances to make the concept successful, and both Redmayne and Chastain do a fantastic job on this. Through Chastain we can witness the gentle affection her job demands, and when she learns the facts about Charlie and his secret, she is able to utilize this method to bring him closer to him and try to convince him to admit.

Chastain performs a very delicate performance, and we can see the fear in her eyes as she confronts Charlie when she discovers his dark secret However, she also realizes that she must keep her cool and strive to keep her secrets from being revealed. she is aware of. As a professional whose job is heavily dependent on understanding and sensitivity Charlie's inability to do both makes him an enigma for her.

However, the most impressive part is watching Redmayne's performance, which could be his finest performance. Charlie seems to have a Norman Bates-like quality to him, since the audience can see how someone might be attracted by his friendship and the quiet kindness offers to certain. Charlie could be the ultimate evil however this doesn't mean it doesn't have a love for Amy and his dark side, paired with his efforts to be a nice person with Amy isn't an easy balance to keep. Charlie is a slow-burner of a character.

As the walls start closing over the character, Redmayne is able to unleash his inner rage in a manner that is terrifying and powerful. Redmayne portrays Charlie as a man who is concealing his true self and, once we realize the dangers that lurk within, it's difficult for him to keep this beast back into its enclosure. However, it's that combination of relatability and total lack of empathy to others that make Charlie an enthralling and convincing monster.

Although the Good Nurse examines the ways that hospital's administration boards might permit people like Charlie to be able to escape his crimes, and even flourish in the ability to commit murder, it isn't as deeply into this aspect that it would. The romance that exists between Charlie Amy and Charlie Amy is so intriguing that it fills much of the running time as the police probe into the hospital's coverup of what's being done is put on the sidelines.

The good Nurse can be described as a disturbing drama that swells beneath your skin with its intensity and the terror. But Lindholm turns this story of an unsettling person into a movie about the importance of respect and kindness to others can be in the bigger scope of things. In the event of assistance when the healthcare bureaucracy hinders people in need, or the most basic act of human kindness can transform an individual's perspective, The Good Nurse can show that even the smallest of light sources can shine even in the dark.