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The Neighbourhood drops drummer Brandon Fried after groping allegation

The Neighbourhood drops drummer Brandon Fried after groping allegation

The Neighbourhood have thrown out the drummer Brandon Fried after he was accused of sexually assaulting an unidentified woman. He apologized for it. Maria Zardoya, of the The Marias, the band The Marias, shared her story about The Marias' incident on the Instagram Stories portion of the The Marias' verified account.

I was in an establishment last night and was approached beneath the table by Brandon Fried who is the drummer in the neighborhood. It was among the most uncomfortable experiences I've experienced the writer wrote. I felt like someone was invading my privacy, my space and body. @thenbhd you'll need to find to find a new drummer. This man is a total jerk.

We're thankful to Maria for her willingness to speak up, The Neighbourhood wrote in an statement posted via their official social channels. We will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct toward women, as the statement went on. In light of Brandon's behavior, he will not be a part or a member of The Neighbourhood.

Fried also posted an announcement through social networks. I am so deeply sorry for Maria. My actions were inexcusable , and unacceptable, he said in an Instagram post. the Instagram posts. They're not reflective of my character as an individual, but they are clearly reflect who I am under the influence of.

It is clear that I have to tackle my alcohol-related issues and drug abuse and I am currently seeking help He added.

I'd like to apologize for women who have been victimized by any act which has made them feel uneasy or violated, Fried concluded his statement. I'm also sorry to The Neighbourhood and our fans for not being able to meet their expectations. The band is famous for their hit song Sweater Weather.