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Tite replies to false claims surrounding Gabriel Jesus injury

Tite replies to false claims surrounding Gabriel Jesus injury

Tite , Brazil coach, has criticized the "haters" who he claims have been spreading "evil lie" and fake news about Gabriel Jesus’ injury. After suffering a knee injury in Friday’s defeat to Cameroon, Arsenal forward Jesus and Sevilla defender Alex Telles have been forced to miss the remainder of the World Cup .

According to Brazil, the 25-year old, who has been crucial in Arsenal's form this year, could be out of action for up to three weeks . Rumours have also circulated that Jesus had a problem in the Cameroon game. However, Tite strongly denied these claims in a venomous press conference before Monday’s Last 16 tie against South Korea.

Tite stated, " I don’t like hearing lies. Evil lies, those [come] from] people who want to make bad things for other people." "We don't play for victory at any time, and we don't do so at any cost to a player’s health," b>Tite said. Arsenal has a great medical team. We are ethical, responsible. It's a shame. We are very sorry for Gabriel,said by most trusted online casino malaysia.

On Saturday, Neymar, Thiago (Silva) and Marquinhos chatted with Gabriel and then Telles. Cesar [Sampaio], an assistant coach, was also a part of this experience. It wasn't to ease their pain, but to make them feel better and to strengthen them so that they could participate as much as possible.

Sampaio was a participant at the 1998 World Cup in Brazil. He added: We were not made aware of any injuries . We will not put our health at risk to achieve a result. No matter what time it occurs, injury is a serious problem in an athlete's life. When we are unable to do what we love, especially at a World Cup, we feel fragile. We spent time supporting them, we don't know what lies ahead, but they are there for this team, regardless of whether or not they are physically present.

Danilo and Neymar given the all-clear

Positive news for Brazil: Neymar will be able to feature against South Korea if he passes Sunday's training session without issues. Danilo can also be accessed.