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Tony Pua confirms sitting out GE15

Tony Pua confirms sitting out GE15

Tony Pua tonight said he was going to sit out the general election scheduled for 15th May according to reports previously reported that he did not intend to stand for his Damansara MP seat. A former Puchong MEP Gobind Singh Deo will stand in Damansara. Tonight, at a fundraiser dinner, Pua revealed that many people tried to convince him to not go to the vote.

He also stated that it was his choice not to fight for his seat and added that he had made the decision many years ago. I'm not leaving the team, and I am confident in the team. I'm just shifting my focus to a new role that makes the most use of my strengths. When needed, Tony Pua will give his all.

At the end of August Pua did not say whether he'd be a candidate in GE15 and told FMT we'll see when you asked. The Straits Times had previously published an article that claimed Pua stated to his party's peers that they could not vote for him in GE15. The Singapore newspaper reported about the fact that the MP for three terms clarified to his DAP colleagues that he would not run for a fourth term,statement by jfdbet best online casino.

Pua today thanked DAP chairperson Lim Guan Eng for giving the chance to run as an MP, as well as for allowing fresh candidates to run to ensure that DAP was relevant in the coming elections. He also stated that Damansara was a unique seat, with the title that could "strike the fear of the corrupted, Umno and Barisan Nasional".

In the meantime, DAP secretary-general Loke Siew Fook made a special tribute to Pua saying that he was one of the most dedicated lawmakers in Malaysia who put his time and effort in uncovering scandals, such as 1MDB and doing research among other things.

He is among the handful of DAP leaders who go above and beyond to support his party members, Loke said, adding that Pua was an exemplary leader who put people's priority.

Loke claimed that he together with Lim attempted to persuade Pua to reconsider his decision however, Tony being Tony was the only one who could after he had made his decision. Tony has made his choice. I appreciate it. I informed him that at when we assume Federal government we will need skilled people with the same skills as him. I will not let him go.