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You Can Now Check GE15 Polling Station Via MySPR Semak

You Can Now Check GE15 Polling Station Via MySPR Semak

I'm not sure if anyone were aware of it on the media or social media but there is a lot of the euphoria of elections right now. There are just 18 days until this 15th Malaysian general election (GE15) is held.

In the past, I've provided information the subject of how to examine your status as a voter on MySPR Semak's website as well as mobile applications. It's a simple process and will take only one or two seconds of your precious time.

The Election Commission has since made the platform more efficient since voters across the globe can now find exactly where their voting station via it. Prior to this MySPR Semak's results for searches only listed the general information of your location for voting.

The list of polling stations even lists your particular vote channel for the location. The thing that impressed me most was the way it provided the suggested timing for casting your vote,according by the live casino.

On the mobile application there's an option that will allow users to determine the exact location of their polling place using a map app which are tailored with the particular operating system on the device you are using. For Apple gadgets, the sole choice was Apple Maps and when using Android devices, users are able to pick between Google Maps or Waze.

However, I encountered the error shown below when I attempted to use the feature for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The error would keep popping up no matter which applications for maps that I used:

It is unclear if EC will address this issue within the next few days or remove the feature altogether. So, I highly recommend you to determine the whereabouts of your polling place earlier, especially for first-time voters qualified to vote in GE15 due to the new voting minimum age of 18 and the automatic voter registration.