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You’re out of PAS if you contest under BN, Che Abdullah told

You’re out of PAS if you contest under BN, Che Abdullah told

The former Tumpat politician Che Abdullah Mat Nawi has been warned that he could be stripped of their PAS Membership if he tries to fight for his place using an Barisan Nasional (BN) ticket.

PAS vice President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man stated that anyone who is a PAS member will automatically be exiled from the party in the event of a contest under the banner of a different party.

We have revealed our lineup. We can't hinder anyone from dispersing from the party or participating in the contest. We'll have to see to determine if it is true that he (Che Abdullah) is truly listed as an BN candidate, as he stated to FMT.

Today, earlier in the day, Kelantan BN chief Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub confirmed Che Abdullah's nomination in the race for seat. He claimed that the coalition had opened the door for Che Abdullah in Tumpat as Che was considered to be to be a "winnable contender". Today, PAS dropped Che Abdullah as Che Abdullah as a GE15 candidate, and replaced Che Abdullah by Mumtaz Md Nawi for the Tumpat seat. This seat was the PAS mainstay since. In the general election of 2018, Che Abdullah beat Umno's Wan Johani Wan Hussin by 17,500 votes,reported by slot machine online real money malaysia.